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Put Your Product in Sample Cups to Deli Tubs... See These Cup Filler and Sealer Machines!

Item 406458 - WORLD CUP 8-12 Filler

Rated for 40 cups per minute, depending on product
Less than 1 year of use

Item 404227 - PMR Model 1300 Dual Lane Continuous
Cup / Bowl Filler Sealer Lidder - Stainless Steel, Sanitary

Rated for approximately 30 containers per minute
Crate of spare parts including 2 additional heat sealing heads

Item 402456 - MODERN PACKAGING Automatic Cup Filler

Rated for 20 cups per minute
Spare parts and manual included 

Item 384435 - HOLMATIC PR2S Inline Cup Filler

2.5" X 11.5" Pistons
Last ran 5 X 6 tray

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